Women as Heroes

Sometimes I wonder where all the women heroes have gone when reading many books nowadays. The release of most of the recent movies has focussed on male characters as the hero lead – I like to have a female character at the centre of some of my books so the balance can be redressed a little.

The sheer scale of character opportunities you have with women can make them a much more interesting lead than a male character.

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Just because they aren’t always as physically strong as their male counterparts it doesn’t make them any less physically imposing.

There’s no doubt that the female energy is at the centre of this debate and a female with too much male energy can guve off the wrong signals sometimes so it is a delicate balancing act.

The fe,male lead in my latest book manages to find strength in adversity although she is still plagued with self doubt and is seeking to find the right place for herself within her own lifestyle. The book is about to go to proofreading so will be ready for release shortly. I hope you find it interesting.