Not All Days are Born Equal

Character from Perfect Day eBook on Kindle by Joanna Kidson
I don’t know about you but, for me some days start off better than others. As a writer each working day is approached with an equal sense of excitement and nervous anticipation. Often, when you are in the middle of a book, your life revolves around the characters and they play an important part indicating how your day ends up.

One such charater is dominating my thoughts at the moment. On the surface she is the “larger than life”, super successful person that has it all but bubbling beneath this outward appearance is a festering pile of history that dictates her emotions and actions in an often unexpected way.

You often grow to love your characters even when they aren’t the most perfect people in the world – after all, we all have our place don’t we? This book has been a few months in the making and it’s finally getting to the stage where I can share it.

More information to follow soon….